Billy and Barbie are sad about Khashoggi, but for more than you think.

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This strip was hard to do because there was so much more I want to say about this. This comic started out as an ultra-violent reaction to the things I saw that were wrong in the world. I thought violence would be a fun/funny way to react to things that you would not normally react to violence with. Then the world met my violence and surpassed it.

 Dude. Khushoggi was apparently dismembered while still alive. As the comic says, we've been heading in this direction for a long time, which is why I have let the violence fall away from the comic over the past few years. Violence should not be the answer to everything that we, as a species use it for. Anger is the easiest of emotions to give into when challenged. But just because it's easy doesn't mean we should just roll with it. We are better than this. 

We just need to remember who we are as a species. We are humans and we are capable of untold horror but we're also capable of untold beauty.

Let's try to focus on that more, huh?

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