#BillyBallpoint and #PaulETishan tussle in a battle of wits!

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You know who I'm talking about with this comic strip.  Though, technically, he's not a politician, really, though
that doesn't matter since I've seen plenty of actual politicians pull this bullshit.  It's the old "I'm SHOCKED that others are doing what I've been doing for years!" thing.

Like every Republican who cheated on their wife while espousing "family values" or claiming to be a pro-life/anti-abortion Christian while talking about bombing nations-of-color into oblivion.  SOOOO tired of this shit.  Seriously.  The mainstream media is an absolute joke because this kind of open contradiction from politicians is allowed to go on.  Remember when Trump denied knowing about David Duke and the Klan, and Jake Tapper was like "Really?"  and that was pretty much it?  I would have been like "You're joking, right?  You don't know who the Klan is?  How can you be alive and your age without knowing who David Duke is?!?  You haven't even Googled him or them?  Why don't you go do that now?  I'll wait."

Hang a fricken lamp shade on that shit.

Even if Trump doesn't win in November, our country is screwed for so many other reasons, the least of which is Hillary Clinton (if she wins) and it's pretty much the fault of our media for not educating us properly on her, Trump, Bernie, and just about everything else.

Imagine if, in school, your teachers just gave you lessons they thought you'd want.  We'd have a nation of morons.  Oh wait.  WE DO.


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