BALLPOINT ADVENTURES CLASSIC from 3/15/99: Billy REALLY Thinks Barbie Shouldn't Smoke!

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I don't remember exactly what was going through my mind when I drew this, but I'm sure it was all about ironic irony.
I suppose you could draw parallels with pro-lifers who kill abortion doctors or think invading other countries to protect lives is a logical thing.  I'm also pretty sure I was saying something about people who shove their views onto others.  Sure, second-hand smoke is obnoxious and unhealthy for bystanders, but telling someone to stop doing something for their own good has always been something that I find offensive--especially if that activity doesn't have an effect of any kind on the person doing the preaching.  I definitely think smoking is a stupid activity and you should throw away your cigarettes immediately, but I'm not going to scream that in your face.

What's your take on this comic?  What does it say to you?  Leave a comment or tweet at me.

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