RIP #DavidBowie and #AlanRickman #FuckCancer

In honor of David Bowie passing on Monday and Alan Rickman passing today, both of cancer, here is a page literally taken from INKSTREME BALLPOINT ADVENTURES issue #1:
Click here to see the full-size comic strips.
Make sure to hit the URL in that last strip!  It's a post I wrote on my blog back in 2009 comparing how much the USG spent on fighting cancer to how much they spent on saving the banks.  It's pretty clear where our government's priorities are:
...where the money is.  It seems to me that the USG could not care less about human life or else they'd be fighting a war on cancer instead of wars on people.  How many talented celebrities, how many of our loved ones, how man human beings need to die of cancer before our leaders decide to spend anywhere near as much finding a cure for cancer as they have on fighting terrorists in other countries (and how well has that worked out us all, anyway?)?

Our leaders are a joke.

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