From 2006: Barbie is #praying and Billy wants to help!

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Truth be told, I actually find this strip to be a little irksome. I am not a fan of oppressing women, especially...

...with a bladed object.  However, I realize that my intent, ten years ago, was to make people feel irked because she is being harassed by Billy for her belief.

At least... that's what I am telling myself.

More truth be told, Billy sort of functions as my id here.  I really hate the level of belief "Believers" have and, while I would never want to actually see anyone hurt for their beliefs, it can be pretty frustrating watching someone deny reality and facts to your face in favor of utterly unprovable beliefs.

I went into more religious stuff after this strip so tune in next week for more!  So, if you agree with me, prepare for your confirmation bias to be rewarded!!  If you disagree with me, then thanks for reading!!  It's about to get pretty challenging for you--I hope you can keep up!

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