BALLPOINT ADVENTURES CLASSIC from 2/15/99: Sometimes You Can Only Take it Out on Yourself

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Sometimes you can only take it out on yourself.

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for 5/25/15: Billy and Barbie are Celebrating Memorial Day in Their Own Way!

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I try to tell this joke every year around this time.

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for 5/11/15: Billy Wants Barbie to Sign Something--it's probably really bad, right?

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This isn't just about the TPP, but a lot of things Congress has to sign.  They're so busy raising campaign funds, how can you expect them to actually read every bill?  Good system, right? >_<

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BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for May 4, 2015: Billy Wants You to Trust His Sources!

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The next time someone tells you to trust them without proof or even evidence, please remember this comic.

This was drawn for May 4, but didn't get it uploaded until May 11.  For the sake of keeping the post dates on consistent, I've post-dated this strip for the day it should have been posted.  Sorry for any inconvenience--had family in town that week and came down with a bit of a cold and I was a little distracted on the 4th.