BALLPOINT ADVENTURES CLASSIC from November 9, 1998: Health Care Before and After #Obamacare

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I drew this in the waiting room of the LA Free Clinic in 1998. #TrueStory

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for February 23, 2015: Leaders who Imprison their Critics are the WORST

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Seriously--I think leaders who do this are GREAT (please don't lock me up for being critical! It'll only make you look weak and unjust!).

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for February 16, 2015: Billy Wonders Why Your God is so Scared of Cartoons

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Ultimately, I feel like this undermines any argument for the existence of a supreme being as most religions define them.  I mean, seriously, if the guy (or gal) who created the universe is really threatened by some words or a drawing, he must of shot his load creating the universe because now he can't stand up for himself?  And if you think ending a life over someone's words or drawings (or ending a life in the name of those words or drawings) you need to get a blog.  Seriously.  Express your feelings and get them out of your system.  You'll feel better.  Then go read some science books.

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for February 9, 2015: Billy Calls Out the Word "Blasphemy" for Existing

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Why does humanity seem so willing to believe in something there is no evidence of?  And why do we defend any challenge of that evidence-free standpoint with accusations and denials?  Why not accept these challenges and self examine?  You want to believe in an all-powerful god without any hard evidence?  Fine.  But why?

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for February 2, 2015: When Criticizing, Don't Broad-Stroke (even if it's true)

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Not necessarily the truth... except when it is. Am I right fellow white guys? Back me up on this--we're all psychos in sheep's clothing, right?

Well... not ME...