In this week's #BallpointAdventures, Billy has a PSA for anyone feeling ignored. #WARNING: #AdultLanguage

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Well, I don't think this strip needs much explanation, but just in case you think it does...

From 1999: Barbie Slams Billy for being a #StarWars Fanboy and Billy Slams Back

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OK, I admit it, I was wrong on this one. I really really really wanted THE PHANTOM MENACE to be good--even after I saw it for the first time.  As I said previously, after the third viewing of TPM, I started to catch on, but...

Billy employs NATO navigation tactics in this week's #BallpointAdventures #TBT strip from May 10, 1999!

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There is a bit of a story behind this one that ironically makes this strip seem pretty dated (but really, it's not). I mean, nowadays, who cares if a bunch of innocent people got killed because NATO had bad intel?  This sort of thing happens all the time, these days.  But please read on to understand what this comic is really about.