BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for 3/30/15: Billy and Barbie are Pretty Sure the Worst Isn't Happening (but are you?)

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What do YOU think is going on if not this?  Are Billy and Barbie right to think this isn't happening?

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES CLASSIC from 12/7/98: Billy Hatez Upgradez #tbt #ThrowbackThursday

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I don't know about you but upgrading endlessly is my favorite thing in the world.


BALLPOINT ADVENTURES CLASSIC from November 30, 1998: Billy Meets a Klingon Cosplayer

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Even if you're a huge geek, you have to admit that fandom can get to be a bit much sometimes.

It just occurred to me, 17 years later, that Billy should have killed the cosplayer with his own bat'leth.

I'm embarrassed that after all these years I still remember how to spell "bat'leth".

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for 3/9/15: Barbie Lets Billy Know What She Thinks of his New Apple Watch

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I am an Apple Fanboy, but that watch, like the first iPad, is crap. Wait for AT LEAST version 2.  Too expensive for a watch that will probably have less than 18 hours of operating time.  Imagine a watch you have to charge EVERY night.  I'd rather have my childhood Timex that I had to wind a couple times a day than an 1st gen Apple Watch.

BALLPOINT ADVENTURES CLASSIC from November 16, 1998: Billy Believes in Sledge Hammer Foreign Policy

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Of course, American foreign policy is used to be more like a poison in someone's drink--but that was pre-911 thinking.  Nowadays, Billy, and people who think like him, assume they are in the right at all times.  Reason, balance, and understanding are too much to expect from them.  So, here, have a missile. >_<