Billy calls Hillary on her Excuses (with an ax!)

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As usual, I don't endorse violence against women or men in real life.  Just stick-figure violence.  I also don't endorse blaming childhood as an excuse for behavior as an adult.  The point is...

Senator Imanidiot has a question about #GlobalWarming.

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I continue to be baffled by Climate Change deniers.  So much so that I thought it was time for Billy to return to his roots!

Billy knows the best kind of violence is...

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See?  I've been not endorsing violence since the early days of this comic!  And all these years later, it's still fun to see cartoon violence!  Who was Barton?  Well...

Billy Knows What He Would have Done with that Lottery!

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You have to admit, with that amount of money, you could definitely buy your own country.  What would I have done with the money?  Here is my nutshell plan:

RIP #DavidBowie and #AlanRickman #FuckCancer

In honor of David Bowie passing on Monday and Alan Rickman passing today, both of cancer, here is a page literally taken from INKSTREME BALLPOINT ADVENTURES issue #1:
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Make sure to hit the URL in that last strip!  It's a post I wrote on my blog back in 2009 comparing how much the USG spent on fighting cancer to how much they spent on saving the banks.  It's pretty clear where our government's priorities are:

From 1999: Billy Hates Steve Case! #AOL

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OK, so not every BALLPOINT ADVENTURES comic ages well.  On the bright side, this comic strip does function perfectly as a reflection of the time it was drawn in.  It was a dark, but certainly less dim, time... but the biggest question I have, here in 2016, is...