Barbie Ballpoint says YES!! to an NC-17 rating!

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Right around when I drew this, the film EYES WIDE SHUT had come out.  I remember seeing it, deciding it
was a comedy and not really thinking too much about it until I started reading about how it had been digitally altered to hide the sex acts.  Apparently, Stanley Kubrick, the director, had promised the studio that he would give them an "R" rated movie but with the pelvic thrusts visible in the frame, he knew the film would get worse than an "R" from the ratings board.  So, Kubrick inserted guys in cloaks standing in front of the camera, in juuust the right place as to block the offending thrusts.  I thought this was a shame as Kubrick doesn't like to pull punches in his movies.  Or rather, I don't like him to.

In the end, it's kind of sad, to me, that his last movie was this one.  He's made much better films and I had hoped he'd go out on a high note.  Sadly, he died before the film even hit theaters.  Ah well. I'll just fixate on his better, earlier films and criticize him for not forcing the studio to just release a damn NC-17 film.  So, sick of sexuality being too whatever for people while guns and killing and violence is on every TV screen at any given time of day.


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