#BillyBallpoint calls #Barbie on her #ClimateChange-denying ways!

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OK, not ALL Americans are cowards, clearly. Just most of us.  How else do you explain how all of this was
allowed to go on for so long?  It's because even those of us with our eyes open on this are just staring blankly at reality, too afraid to take responsibility for what we've done as a people.  I include myself in this.  All I'm doing to fight GW/CC is draw dumb little comic strips with a cheap ballpoint pen, then scan those comics into my computer where I proceed to use absurd amounts of electricity to bring said comics to you.

OH WAIT--my electricity comes from the Indian Point Nuclear Plant!! HOORAY FOR "RENEWABLE ENERGY"!!!

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?! (Click that to see what could possibly go wrong.)

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