WHAT? #BarbieBallpoint hasn't heard of #GlobalWarming!?!

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As someone who has been a "believer" in Global Warming since long before we called it Climate Change, I'm
getting tired of making this joke.  What amazes me is how I'm able to keep coming up with new ways to make it.  Scroll through all the BALLPOINT ADVENTURE CLASSIC strips and you'll see what I mean if you look long enough.  Now we know that Global Warming was something that science knew was going to happen as far back as the year the original STAR WARS movie came out (1977).

I'm getting a little tired of being right.  I'm sure a lot of folks are.  Now we're seeing not only extreme weather, science can point directly to islands being swallowed by rising oceans.

Meanwhile, we're still plugging our ears, pretending we hadn't heard.

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