Billy Ballpoint is VERY worried about the #BlueWave but Barbie sets him straight! (Please visit the site)

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America was stupid once (well, MORE than once)... what if it's stupid again? It's going to be hard, but we need to educate our friends and family (even many of the liberal ones) to understand that reality is the most important thing. Hard facts need to be prioritized over all else. None of this "I define this word as XYZ" crap or "that's not what I saw in the video/photos" BS.

Look in the dictionary. Look at video footage. Look at photos. If you can't prove something with evidence you are inaccurate or possibly even lying. If we don't ALL agree that facts are paramount, then we have not just lost our country but the right to be taken seriously by any country or any person.

Seriously: this isn't about whose narrative wins. It's about whether we survive as anything but a literal country version of Trump. A sycophantic bubble baby who literally denies any part of reality he doesn't like and FAR too many of us do the same.  The more we ignore science and logic and reality, the more we become Trumpmerica. Please. Let's stop this together!

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