Billy has news from the All #Trump News Network!

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Now, I don't agree with Trump and his whole "Fake News" thing, but, at this point, about 80% of news about Trump is fake.  There's no point in reporting the same BS coming out of his mouth every time he opens it but every day, that's what the American MSM does.  Let's be honest, the press also lets him get away with lying through his teeth every day.  Real journalists would call him on every last lie--to his face.  Hell, they don't even call him on it NOT to his face.  Lies are being told endlessly and very rarely are they referred to in news reports AS lies.  We've devolved into some sort of parody of America.  The government is run by amoral, cowardly, conservative corruptionists and spineless, meek, pretend liberals.  Meanwhile, the milquetoast media is too scared to confront the damn truth.

It's FUN watching America rot from the inside in real time! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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