BALLPOINT ADVENTURES CLASSIC from 1/4/98: Barbie Should be Careful What She Wishes for!

Click here to see the full-size violence against women--I MEAN--the full-size image.

Sexism! Alive and well in the modern world (even in the Western World!).  I think my original point, back in 1999, was: "Haha, stupid woman didn't choose her words well!" but now, 17 years later in 2015, I look a bit deeper and see this as a rough metaphor for what happens when women speak up for themselves.  Be ready for the consequences of speaking up.  I'm not trying to discourage women at all.  I'm just saying that your freedom of speech can often cost you--so get help--financial, emotional, spiritual, whatever kind you think you'll need when the ridiculously patriarchal society we live in goes for revenge.  And it WILL go for revenge--even unconsciously.

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