BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for 6/29/15: Billy Corrects Barbie on Who to Thank for Gay Marriage

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This is based on an actual post I saw online this weekend.
We have decided to discriminate against our fellow humans for centuries for various reasons--religion, gender, gender preference and plenty more.  The responsibility for whether we allow people of a certain skin color, belief system, or penis preference to do certain things, lies with us.  Not a supreme being.  We, humans, choose to tell women they can't vote, can't drive, can't be Pope, not some god.  We, humans, decide to be suspicious of people who are different from us, not an all-seeing, all-knowing, invisible, intangible, old man in the sky.

This insistence on attributing certain human acts to a supreme being only functions to allow us to avoid responsibility for our own actions and our own atrocities.

Obama has said that taking down the Confederate flag would represent God's grace.  But was putting up a representation of His brutality?  His viciousness?  His sadism?  Or Ours?

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