BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for 6/15/15: Billy and Barbie Remember the 1990s!

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It's true--Billy and Barbie actually do remember the 1990s!  Yes, we're all that old >_<

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I was accused of exactly this on Twitter.  I had tweeted months earlier (on Veteran's Day, 2014, I think) about how our leaders in government should have worked harder to avoid the wars that create all these veterans.  This super-patriot nut-bag on the Twitters decided all these months later that she should take me to task for disrespecting our veterans for not upper-casing the "v" in "veterans."  I was pretty sure "veterans" was not a proper noun and therefore, isn't supposed to have an upper-cased first letter.  So, I Googled it and found out that the only time "veteran" should be capitalized, is when you use the word in conjunction with a war or an event.  Like "This is World War II Veteran, Bob Smith" or "Veteran's Day."  Since I was using "veteran" in association with no specific war, my usage was accurate.  So, I tweeted her the link that proved it.  She replied with something like "it's this kind of lack of respect that causes 8000 soldiers to commit suicide."

OHHH, and here, I thought they committed suicide because they were suffering from PTSD after fighting in a brutal war.  A war, which incidentally, could have been avoided had our leaders in government simply decided to not invade.  Oh man, could I go on about this topic!!  Keep an eye on in the coming weeks.  I plan to post my thoughts on this kind of hypocrisy and some people's inability to grasp non-binary concepts.

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