Billy Ballpoint and Mr. Alien come to a realization about #Humanity.

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Yep, people are pretty horrible to each other.  It's particularly sad since it's so rarely necessary.
I mean, it's one thing to take some food from someone to give it to someone else to make sure they eat.  That would be mean, but necessary.  Instead, our society exploits weakness and/or non-aggression.  The old saying "You snooze, you lose." comes to mind.

But what if you're so tired from hunger that you can't stay awake to go to work to get paid to buy food to feed yourself?

Conservatives would have you starve.  Every person for themselves.  Can't live by our rules?  It's a flaw in your character.

If everyone has a right to life, then shouldn't we all have a right to food, shelter, health care and a job to make sure we can keep that life functioning at some kind of baseline?

We Americans like to talk tough, but we don't like putting our money where our mouths are.

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