Senator Imanidiot has a question about #GlobalWarming.

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I continue to be baffled by Climate Change deniers.  So much so that I thought it was time for Billy to return to his roots!

Back in the early days of this comic strip (even the early years, really), Billy reacted to things he disagreed with by replying with an ax.  Not that I condone violence, but it sure feels good to see violence done to people who are stupid, doesn't it?

Now, there's a difference between being stupid and just not knowing things.  To me, the definition of stupidity is when you choose to not update your take on reality when new information presents itself.  Turns out, the science was in on Global Warming back in 1977 when Exxon figured out that Climate Change was a thing and man-made.  As the rest of the world slowly caught up to what the oil industry knew thirty-plus years ago, CC and GW deniers refused to update their own knowledge bases by ignoring new evidence.  Finally, the fossil fuel industry's own findings confirm what we've known all along and yet there are still people who refuse to adapt to new information.

I'm beginning to understand how Jor-El felt.

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