Billy calls Hillary on her Excuses (with an ax!)

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As usual, I don't endorse violence against women or men in real life.  Just stick-figure violence.  I also don't endorse blaming childhood as an excuse for behavior as an adult.  The point is...

...I'm tired of people who don't simply step up and taking responsibility for their actions.  We are all flawed people and making excuses or just saying things with no truth or action to back them up, is what Hillary is best at, it seems.  Back in 1999, she wasn't running for president but she was still making BS excuses for her husband's behavior.  Seeing her behave like this all through the Bill Clinton years got on my nerves and seeing her continue at the end of them really annoyed Billy. ;)

What are you not taking responsibility for in your life?  Step up!  It's not so hard and you'll be glad that you did.

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