From 2003: #BillyBallpoint knows JUST how to deal with two-faced politicians! (Use an AX!)

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Remember how I said, in last week's BALLPOINT ADVENTURES CLASSIC post, that there would be more
decapitations?  Yeah, here's one now--kinda. ;)

Now, REMEMBER, I don't condone violence.  But we seriously need to take drastic measures with corruption in our government.  These people take dollar after dollar and then claim to not let it bias them.  How can that be if the cash keeps flowing in such excessive amounts?  This is why I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton.  She takes money from all kinds of 1% sources.  She doesn't deserve getting her two faces split in two, but she should not be trusted to run the country as long as she takes money from anyone but individuals who make less than 6 or 7 figures a year. Know what I'm sayin?

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