So, #BarbieBallpoint knows EXACTLY why #Trump voters are such #Idiots!

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What's happening in America is like a Perfect Stupidity Storm.  That's when any "ism" or system is allowed an Nth degree of freedom.  Let Capitalism run this far and this loose and
you'll get a Donald Trump as the President Elect.  Just look at what's up in the Philippines.  As I type this, their President Elect is described as the Filipino Donald Trump.  This is because Rodrigo Duterte is brash, blunt and seems kind of insane. He offered himself sexually to new brides (but not the men, he's no queer, after all) and jokes about wishing he'd been part of a gang-rape because the victim was good looking.  Since winning the election, he's encouraged armed citizens to shoot drug dealers in the street.

Now, I've met Filipinos from the Philippines (not just Filipino-Americans) and they are good people.  They're smart, well-meaning people.  And yet they just elected this guy.  

If they can fall for an idiot, so can we.  We "elected" W. Bush.  Twice.

I am very worried for November.  I can't remember the last time I was this worried about who was going to be in the White House.  After W. Bush's reign, we know how bad it can get and if anyone is going to take us further, it's going to be Trump.

And it's our society's fault.  We've essentially trained the media to always aim a camera at Trump and never stop him or challenge him when he says or does something extreme, insane, or even technically illegal (like inciting violence--why the hell does no one arrest him for this??).  With our shitty shitty education system, our mainstream news unable or unwilling to give us the news and information we need, we don't know if/trust if/believe what someone like Trump is saying is fact or fiction.  So, while Barbie's right, that the Republicans are sitting in their own filth, the rest of the world will be sitting in the Republican's filth if Trump makes it to the White House.

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