From 2003: #BillyBallpoint chats with a #Republican about #hypocrisy--er--policy.

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Ha! This is just what I was talking about in this week's new BALLPOINT ADVENTURES strip! Only it's MUCH
worse now, 13 years after I drew this strip in 2003.  But this is a great example of what happens if we don't call these assholes on their shit when it happens.  If Jake Tapper is letting Trump get away with the claim that he doesn't know about the Klan, what's next?

"Radiation?  What's that?"

"Sure, drinking salt water is fine!"

"No, no, I'll just call myself 'supreme leader' until this 'crisis' is done.  Should be a few years at most.  You'll hardly miss your human rights."

You watch--in 13 years, we're going to be seriously screwed.  These two strips are only a couple of data points, but the trend is pretty obvious.

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