#BillyBallpoint takes on #AllLivesMatter, #BlackLivesMatter, & #BlueLivesMatter!

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Full disclosure: I am a white guy. So, I may be getting this wrong, but I feel like this is a good way to explain the whole #*LivesMatter dynamic. Please, please, please tell me if I am mistaken. I do feel like the word "TOO"...

...after the phrase "BLACK LIVES MATTER" would shut the naysayers down immediately. However, the "too" on there could be viewed by People of Color as a little footnotey or marginalizing. This I would totally understand.  The real shame here is that we still need to have this conversation at all.

I'll be dealing more with these issues in the coming weeks. Please let me know what you think--unless you're a horrible bigot who thinks saying "All Lives Matter" is enough. Also, I don't need to hear from you if you are a Person of Color who thinks white people should STFU about race because what would we know of it? Well, I'll tell you what I know of it--when you tell me I can't talk about something because I'm white? Yeah, I start to get any idea of what racism feels like. I don't claim to be imaginative enough to speak on the authentic Black Experience. So, please, recognize that I am a white person who genuinely hopes to leave the world a better place when he dies. I may get things wrong, but kicking me out of the conversation is just going to lose you an ally. I may be making a huge mistake in going in this direction creatively, but I'd rather be taking creative risks than playing safe and failing to push the world in a better direction.

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