From 12/15/2003: #BillyBallpoint gets fed up with the American #TwoPartySystem with an AX!

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It's gratifying to see Bernie Sanders do so well 13 years after I drew this strip. Finally, Americans are...

...catching up to where I was 13 years ago and are now sick of always having only two choices.  Seriously, what took you?  ;)

The two party system is corrupt no matter how much you like your candidate.  We Americans think that free speech is a right that is absolute AND that how you spend your money in the process of exercising your free speech is just as much a right.  You know, it's kind of absurd, like how people think the right to bear arms is an absolute right, when really, neither is absolute.

Money should not equal free speech in all contexts--especially politics.  You'll get arrested for yelling "fire" in a crowded room and you should get arrested for speaking so loudly that the other people in the room trying to speak can't be heard.  This is what happens when money equals speech.  Rich people can afford talk all day and more loudly than you.  It means that, essentially, rich people are suffocating our right to free speech.

Look at the example in this week's BALLPOINT ADVENTURES comic strip.  You get two choices.  Both of them differently, but equally, full of shit.  Billy gets rid of them.

What happens next?

It's up to you...

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