From 12/22/2003: Remember when movies only starred white people? Not much has changed since '03

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It's so sad that this is still an issue we are dealing with 13 years later.  Sure, it's getting more attention now than...

...ever, but we still have a long way to go.  Sure, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just yesterday took steps to bring diversity to its membership.  However, just last September, Matt Damon got in a bit of trouble (not enough) for, essentially, saying that diversity only matters in front of the camera, not behind it.  This is one of Hollywood's shining liberal stars exercising a large amount of obtusicity (it's a word NOW!) on how diversity actually works.  Watch this video to see for yourself.  Matt Damon may sound logical when he says "shouldn't we get the best director?" but when directing an actor of color, wouldn't the best director be someone who understands that perspective better?  But he's barely willing to let a woman of color get a word in edgewise in the discussion.

What's worse is that this Damonsplaining story barely made headlines.  I see movies all the time that seem to ignore the fact that people of color even exist.  It's bad enough that unattractive people rarely get cast in movies except when they are expressly needed (usually for humor).  Ever see the movie LITTLE CHILDREN?  That's a film that had Kate Winslet play a frumpy housewife.  Yeah, right.

Hell, Billy and Barbie are white, so I'm guilty of this, too.


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