Barbie illustrates how she is at her best.

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This is kind of how I am.  Sooo happy by myself!  However, it is important to recognize that we're not in this...

...thing called "life" alone.  As much as I prefer to spend time by myself and as much as I prefer to avoid people due to their inevitable, eventual abrasiveness, I also know that you can't get through life by yourself.  Without fail, there will be something you need to ask for help with.  Your car needs a jump or you get a flat tire.  Sure, you could call AAA, but that still counts.  You go to the grocery store to buy food?  You'll deal with people there, some of which are how the food is made available to you in the first place.  We need each other, whether we want to admit it or not, in many more ways than we realize.

Still, I enjoy my alone time. :)

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