Billy and Barbie ponder their choices in life. All 2 of 'em.

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Yep, I am really hung up on this whole "Democrats Vs. Republican" thing. Why only two choices for the most...

...important things in our lives?  Right or left, liberals or conservatives, dreams or dayjobs, black or white, almonds or pecans (OK, maybe there are other nuts available)... only computers see things as ones and zeroes and yet we are fine with so many of these binary choices.  The universe is filled with mediums--the vast shades of gray between black and white.

I understand why we do it--it's much more simple to see things as good or bad.  However, when we let ourselves get away with that kind of thinking, we miss the subtleties that help us really understand the world around us.  It's a real shame that our election system still forces us to play this game through a lack of choices and fear mongering.  Maybe Election 2016 will be the wake-up call for America to make a change.  Fingers crossed... speaking of the election...

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