Billy and Barbie celebrate Labor Day in a way only they can.

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So, the question is, is Barbie pissed because Labor Day isn't about pregnancy or because she thinks it is? The answer may surprise you...

...actually, it doesn't matter.  Barbie's attitude represents the way life is unfairly, inexplicably shitty to us.  No reason.  No logic.  Just shitty.  Almost every day I scratch my head as life throws useless hurdle after useless hurdle at me.

For instance, recently, I had a person in a store just stand in front of a section of products I wanted to dig through (too many varieties) and she would not move.  I politely said "excuse me" and she looked at my hand gesturing to where I wanted to look and all she did was look away from my hand, toward the section I wanted to look at and continue to stand there looking at things she found fascinating.  I waited another five minutes, hovering, until my wife managed to stand close enough to her to get her to give us enough space.  I then moved in.  But the whole experience was bizarre.  Basic common courtesy and communication skills seemed non-existent with her.

I try not to let the endless stream of useless WTF moments get to me and every day I get a little closer to place where those useless WTF moments won't bother me so much.  I am really beginning to understand why people drink.

Want to know what Labor Day is really about?  Read up!

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