Many Americans share Billy's sentiment about women, sadly...

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Yeah, it's a sad fact that far too many men in America today still think of women in this way. Trump has...

...probably had a lot to do with the vocality of men like this (and probably made it worse for women everywhere in the process).  I think this kind of thing is disgusting.  But, since too many people still think like this I am compelled to make jokes like this.

Remember, I drew this in 2006--before Trump ever accused a single Mexican of rape (that we know of).  So, from within that context, this problem has gotten much worse than it was when I drew it.  Damn Christians and their 2000 year-old belief system thinking it still applies to gender and sexuality today.  The truth is, we've got more people on this planet now that it could ever support before modern agriculture came along.  So, I'm pretty sure Mother Nature thinks of us as an infestation.

In the end, it might a be a good thing if some women decided against having kids all together, rather than giving in to the cultural pressure to procreate.  Every person on Earth is more than just a future parent.  The fact that we treat women as though that is their most important role is just wrong.

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