Billy buys some boots and you'll never guess why! (Tho' you might!)

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Even if we all wear hipwaders, we're all going to drown in the tsunami of mud and bile and orange tanning...

...lotion that Donald "the douche" Trump will be spewing forth from his gaping, anal-looking oral cavity.

Donald Trump is the worst American who ever lived.

Even convicted traitors are better Americans than Trump because all most of them did was endanger lives.  This dickhead has turned our entire democratic system into a mockery.  The Republican Party should be ashamed of what they've allowed to happen.  Trump should be ostracized from society and never hired again by anyone for anything (and we should shun anyone who does hire him).  This guy needs to find a job cleaning toilets and mopping floors after this for a salary that only allows him to afford a studio apartment under a rock, so he can literally live where the sun don't shine.

Haven't been this disgusted by a human being since George W. Bush.

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