From 2006 Billy Asks an Obvious Question about "Intelligent" Design...

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This question seems even more relevant ten years after I drew it, now that we've elected you-know-who... the White House! I mean, why do we give humanity so much credit by calling ourselves "intelligent" when really we just mean "the most intelligent compared to other life forms we know of."?

We have definitely done some neat stuff, don't get me wrong, and I wouldn't trade that neat stuff for anything, but why haven't we invented an iPhone that can solve world hunger, or an app that can allow all humans to get along better, or a way to stop income inequality?

How intelligent are we when we use an economic system that is essentially a giant pyramid scheme that exploits the poor and uneducated at the bottom and rewards the tiny handful of rich (mostly) white folks at the top?

You don't see the bonobos or dolphins inventing vast complicated economic structures to exploit the least lucky of their kind.  Maybe it's not that they are less intelligent, but more moral?

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