From 2006: Billy proves #IntelligentDesign isn't a thing when it come to people.

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So, if there is a "god" and "he" intelligently designed us, why the hell do we treat each other so poorly?  Sure...

...the BS rhetoric is that "he" gave us free will and therefore we are free to be as shitty as we want to each other.  The thing is, logic and experience dictate that humans are better at surviving in groups and yet, we are quite ignorant about who we let into our groups and who we kill.  Like how for centuries, Western Culture has been oppressing half of the population of humanity on the truly idiotic grounds that their brains aren't as well equipped to make smart choices (especially when it comes to MAN things).  Wouldn't it be better to give women a chance to contribute?  Surely it's worth a shot for the chance of another Ada Lovelace, Mary Shelley, or Marie Curie?

Also for centuries a good chunk of humanity has decided that people sporting a darker skin tone aren't actually as human as the rest of us and are therefore not worthy of other human rights like self-determination, education, and, for quite some time, even basic freedom.  As with women, we white folks oppressed anyone who didn't look like us and ended up oppressing our chances of finding another Einstein, or another Isaac Newton, or another Stephen Hawking just because they might not be as white as those guys.

Free will is one thing, but designing a human brain that gives into a basic level of bigotry almost on instinct seems like truly unintelligent design.

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