Billy is Psyched About #RussianHackers!

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There is more to this comic! Download the PDFed mini-comic version of this week's new comic by going to!  You will end up at a PDF on  Just FYI.  This PDF is an experiment.  Read it like you would a book. Flip through each comic panel like it's a page in an e-book.  Since it's a PDF, it means you can share it easily with friends.  Just email it to 'em or send them the link and they can go download it, too!  If you think the format is cool, let me know. I may do this again.

ANYWAY, so about this strip, maybe you've heard, but the CIA has determined that Russian hackers helped...

...Trump win the election.  This comic starts by explaining what's up and why it's bad.  But if you read the rest in the mini-comic version, you'll see that Billy is quite happy about the Cold War being restarted--I think--for some very good reasons.

Of course, the real question is, where the hell do we go from here?  If we let Trump get into the White House, he'll be known forever as an illegitimate president.  Not only did he lose the popular vote, but Russian hackers influenced voters by releasing private DNC emails.  If they hadn't done that, many voters would have voted for Clinton.  If more than 80,000ish of them hadn't been swayed in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, it would have been enough to sway the election to Clinton.

Since we can't prove anything, history will forever view Trump as an illegitimate president.  That cloud will never leave him.

Nor should it.

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