THIS JUST IN from the ALL TRUMP NEWS NETWORK! What You Need to Know!

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Just the other night I saw Andrea Mitchell, a TV news reporter with decades of experience covering politics basically say that as long as Trump is president and Trump tweets, the news media will report on it--like it's the only reality possible.

Ironically, I'd already written this week's strip when I saw her say that.  The real reality is that 90% of what Trump says is filler episodes.  You ever watch a show that has a big plot line that spans the season but a handful of episodes of the season either do nothing to further that big plot line or, worse, serve as a complete distraction from that main plot line?  This is what is called a "filler episode." Yeah, this is what Trump gives us--filler episodes.  The vast majority of what he says and 99% of what he tweets, doesn't mean shit.  He's a babbling fool stricken with compulsive diarrhea of the mouth, and Andrea Mitchell thinks it's ALL worth covering!!  This makes it hard to know just what ISN'T a filler episode because everything he says sounds meaningless.  That said, I don't think this is a justification to report EVERYTHING HE SAYS.  Imagine if every death in the country was reported on.  Every death in the country is NOT news.  Nor is every tweet and every word from Trump news.  Hence, this week's BALLPOINT ADVENTURES comic.

You know how presidents always look like they've aged twenty-plus years by the end of their final term?  Yeah, this time it's the American people who will be looking like they are decades older.  I just hope that nobody attacks us or gives Trump an excuse to attack them.  The last thing we need is this dipshit running a war.

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