Billy and Barbie remind us all to not forget how another POTUS was far from perfect!

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Hey, remember this comic from just a month ago?

I seriously don't get how so many people are totally cool with cherry picking reality because they are depressed.  It's one thing to ignore the world while you read a book or watch a movie, but to ignore the blatant hypocrisies of a person just because reality is pretty depressing seems really destructive.  I mean, the vast majority of us don't focus on Hitler's love of animals and ignore his genocide.  Why do people think it's fine to focus on how much better Obama was compared to Trump when Obama made some pretty big mistakes?  He was a Constitutional scholar for crying out loud and the guy kept Gitmo open and had American citizens in the Middle East murdered by drones because they were assumed to be terrorists or were terrorist-adjacent (aka unintended "collateral damage").  Read this WaPo article from 2015 for more details.  As Barbie says in the second comic above, all presidents suck somehow.

I just worry about the importance and value of facts and reality.  I worry about it's devaluing more than anything else.  If facts can't be acknowledged, how can anything else be?  What is reality when the person occupying the highest office in the land can claim something that is utterly untrue but does not suffer for it and no one even confronts him on it and only a tiny handful of people on the internet push their nerd glasses up the bridges of their noses to Tweet "Um, that's actually a falsehood"?

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