#BillyBallpoint teaches #cops a word they should know! #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #PoliceBrutality

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To me, this is the most logical solution to the problem of police brutality.  It's simply reminding cops they have an...

...alternative to killing.  I know--shocker!  I think our media and our instinct to fear makes us all prone to think drastic action is required for the slightest "threat" we perceive.  For over a decade, our government has been going on and on about how "terrorism is a threat" as if there was any doubt.  Since there is no doubt terrorism is a threat, them repeating it over and over, only makes it sound like a much bigger threat than it really is.  Then, there is the issue of specifics.  What is terrorism a threat to?  America's existence?  Or just a proportionately small number of American lives?  How does it stack up next to cancer?  Or heart disease?  Or gun deaths?

Cops almost instinctively conflate this constant fear of terror into a constant fear of anyone with brown skin.  Of course, there's this thing call rational thought that can check and balance instinct.  I hope my comic strip can provoke cops (and people in general) to use that thing to avoid conflict and save lives.

Fingers crossed, anyway...

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