Billy Knows a Threat to American Freedoms when He Sees one!

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So, I wanted to include in this strip a line about how even late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was on...

...board with this SCOTUS decision, but I couldn't fit it in due to space.  A lot of conservatives like to see what they like to see and assume what makes them feel more negatively about their "opponents," so I am worried some might read this comic and think "I bet the conservative member of the SCOTUS dissented!"

Well, the grand-daddy of the modern Supreme Court Justices did not--which says something, I think.
Just to put a fine point on the point of the Ballpoint Adventures comic this week, I think if we actually let Trump get into the White House, we're in for a world of really bad change in the USA.  If he is going to just say random things that go against the US Constitution with hardly anyone calling him on it, you just know things can't help but get pretty bad.

Why do I feel like we adults are actually just very tall children?

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