Barbie Ballpoint wants to go see the #Pope when he visits but Billy's not sure...

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I love it when we suddenly get closer to what we deserve as human beings but everybody thinks it's amazing.  Because this Pope seems down with a lot of progressive ideas, too many people think we should all be thankful.

We humans have been conditioned for centuries (millennia, probably) to believe that there is some magical, all-seeing, all-powerful, male deity in the sky that has a plan for us but gives us free will, the ability to sin, but the knowledge we'll be punished for it.  No solid proof of said deity is ever provided, but because we've been getting fed this story for so long, we lap it up.

Suddenly, when the leader of one of these conditioning groups sounds a bit more like us, we get all excited and forget that he's still a guy lying to us about that magical, all-seeing, all-powerful, male deity in the sky.  Oh and he also claims that he is that deity's rep on Earth.

Think about that for a second.

The universe is truly massive.  It is frankly absurd to think, based on currently available evidence, that 1) there is a sentient being who created it all, and 2) he would psychically chat with tiny little specs living on a tiny little spec in a massively vast sea of cosmic specs.

Therefore, one of three things may be true about any Pope:

1) he is insane because he truly believes the creator of the universe is talking to him.
2) he is not insane, knows he is lying to everyone, but thinks it's OK because we're all too stupid to understand the truth without killing each other and he is the one man who can guide us through our lives.
3) he is a megalomaniac because he knows he is lying to everyone but thinks it's OK because he wants to keep everyone under his thumb (as fake God's fake rep on Earth, he can pretty much say fake God told him anything he wants to keep us in line).

So, some great options, there.

Obviously, Pope Frank is definitely more reasonable than every other Pope who has come before him.  That said, we should never lose sight of the fact that he is just playing a BS manipulation game with us.

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