When Bombo the Ballpoint Clown is #POTUS, he will protect you from EVERYONE!

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You ever feel like maybe we are afraid of a lot of people?  Bombo thinks you're right!
One minute it's the Mexican immigrants.  The next minute, it's ANY immigrant from South America.  After that, it's Muslim extremists.  I can't wait to see what happens if the Syrian refugees flooding into Europe right now start to overflow into the US.  Better get Bombo into office now so he can build that wall before it's too late!!

OR... we could focus on things that are actually threatening us like cancer, failing infrastructure, abusive police, the nosey NSA, oh and... sorry, was distracted by my wet feet... OH YEAH... GLOBAL WARMING... I live on an island, y'see... :(

BOMBO 2016!

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