Billy and Barbie Ballpoint put out a plea for thepete's Patreon! Even a buck helps!

Click here to see the full size cry for help--I MEAN--comic strip. (Please support this webcomic!)
They Patreon link once again is:!  But I bet you're wondering what the story behind this strip is.  The real story may surprise you!

But it probably won't.  Google Ads are a joke. Don't pay anything to creators with smaller audiences (and probably don't do much for creators with big audiences either).  So, in line with the Desperation Economy, we creator types turn to Patreon in the hope that people will actually help support our projects.  It works for some, so I'm giving it a go.  Even $1 helps!! If 75 people pledge $1, that represents one less day I have to spend dayjobbing (I live a pretty spartan lifestyle, to be honest).

Don't want to commit to a month?  No worries!  You can always pick up a copy of INKSTREME BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for $5 in print and just $1 for digital!

Don't want to drop any cash?  No worries.  Please keep reading and enjoying BALLPOINT ADVENTURES as long as you like.  If you could spread the word, that'd be great, too!  Thanks for reading, regardless!

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