Billy Ballpoint is VERY critical of the News...

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The ONLY reason Trump has so much traction in the polls is because the news media gives him legitimacy by giving him so much coverage.  The sad thing is...
...the capitalistic forces pushing the news media to give Trump as much airtime as he wants are pushing ACTUALLY legitimate candidates off the air.  Bernie Sanders is breaking fundraising and supporter-number records but the news media isn't covering it.  He's going to win the Democratic primary and the collective news orgs will be like "Whaaaaaa?!???"

This is the really frustrating thing about our idiot-society: nobody is capable of having a nuanced discussion about where capitalism is appropriate and where it isn't.  Because capitalism is so good at selling cars and crap we don't really need, too many of us think it's the perfect system for selling health care, news stories, and communication services.  If capitalism really worked for those three things you'd think that, after more than a hundred years of capitalism, we'd have a cure for cancer, well-researched, accurate and fair news stories 24/7, and Internet so cheap we'd barely notice paying for it.

Instead, more people die from cancer than guns every year, we have Trump as a front runner for president, and we pay more in America than any other country for Internet that is slower than any other country.

Capitalism is screwing us and nobody is talking about it.

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