Billy has an Ax for Overpoliticking.

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This strip is NOT an endorsement of violence toward Hillary Clinton, women in general, or toward anyone else.  This is a comic strip.  This strip simply calls people on their shit. Why does Billy use an ax?  Read on...

So, people tend to avoid new information if they can.  Everyone likes to get into their ruts and stay there.  This is true regardless of the kind of rut.  You could be in a boring but stable crappy dayjob when you discover your boss is a racist or someone who doesn't "believe" in Global Warming* but you keep the job because the pay is OK and the work is regular.  Rather than redefining your life, even a little, in the face of new information, you keep on trucking because it's just easier.  This is why Billy uses an ax a lot.

An ax gets your attention.  Blood, even when it is really just blue ink, catches your eye.  If we all weren't so damned lazy and/or preoccupied with our own selfish little lives, we'd realize what posers Hillary and Obama really are.  I'm not saying we should all vote Republican.  The truth is, damn near everyone in DC are fakers who should not be allowed anywhere near government.  I believe that Bernie Sanders is one of the exceptions.  Hillary is, almost by definition, a Washington insider.  Married to Bill Clinton, Senator, and finally Secretary of State, she has been in and out of Washington politics for decades.  Unlike Bernie, who who has been in Washington since 1988 and has never really changed his tune.

I hate that the first likely female president is so easily criticizable, but when we finally get a white guy running who sounds like a fully different person from the rest of the candidates, it's hard for me to get behind a female candidate just because of her gender--especially since Hillary sounds just like every other bullshit male candidate who has run before.

To put a fine point on it, I don't wish violence against Hillary or women.  Billy uses metaphorical axes against all kinds of people--both men and women.  He hates everyone.  The reason he used one against Hillary is because he hates the political games she plays (and while I agree with Billy, I disagree with his tactics).  The bigger point here is that America is in the process of failing because of damn near ALL of its leaders being corrupt.  We need leaders who can ignore money and do the right thing 100% of the time.  I believe Bernie can do that.

That said, if he messes up or contradicts himself or the Constitution, Billy just might have to ax Bernie a few questions...

*Oh and I had a boss, years ago, who told me that they didn't "believe" in Global Warming.  This perplexed me.  I'm sure that said boss's excuse would have been "the science is still out," but I distinctly remember feeling that they'd said something akin to "I don't believe in rocks."  And yet, I continued to work for this boss for several months and would have for even longer if she hadn't decided to get rid of my position.  The things money makes us do...

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