From 2003: #BillyBallpoint proves how horrible #men can be!

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Of course, all men don't treat women like this. I suspect most men do have an instinct to be like Billy but they
manage to suppress it.  Why else would there be so many different categories on porn video sites?  NOT THAT I'D KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!

Haha, OK, maybe I do know something about that... but men like all kinds of different things when it comes to sex and women?  Well, we're not really allowed to think about how women feel about sex.  It's one of the more absurd double standards in our culture.  I should come back to this theme at some point.

Billy never got his threesome, by the way.  Though Beth could come back to visit the strip at some point.  Would you like to see Beth return to current  BALLPOINT ADVENTURES comics?  Let me know in the comments or Tweet at me about it or any other thoughts you have on my comic.

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