BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for 8/3/15: Elephants, Asses, and Clowns--Sounds Like a Circus to Billy!

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So, we have the elephants (Republicans), asses (Democrats) and clowns (candidates). Let's call it what it is:


You have to admit, an actual clown running for president is the only way the US political scene could get any more useless.  Why is anyone other than Hillary even running?  Because the American political circus needs plenty of clowns to pretend they have America's best interests at heart.

Expect to see more from Bombo.

And it's true--Bombo does have better hair than Donald Trump.

I could write an entire essay on why Donald should just be a man and shave his damn head.  He's so cowardly.  How is he going to stand up for America when he can't even be honest about his hairline?  Seriously, Trump, you should grow a spine.  People say you're honest, but that's crap as long as you keep your hair the way it is.  Want to blow people's minds?  Shave your head. It'll be headline news all over the world.  People in undiscovered tribes in the Amazon will be like "WHAAAAA?"


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