In this week's #BallpointAdventures, Billy has a PSA for anyone feeling ignored. #WARNING: #AdultLanguage

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Well, I don't think this strip needs much explanation, but just in case you think it does..., this gay black dude who was pissed about getting fired from his TV news reporter job three years ago and was feeling like he was unfairly treated because of his race and gender preference. So, like a psychopath does, decided to shoot two people on live TV last week.  It was pretty horrible.

I had the misfortune of stumbling across the shooter's Twitter account, where he had actually uploaded a point-of-view video of him doing the actual shooting.  Yep.  He murdered two people on live TV and then took the time while fleeing from police to post his own video of it to social media.  Stupidly, I had no idea what it was so I absent-mindedly tapped the play button.  It was like a train wreck.  I wanted to look away but couldn't.  Mercifully, this psycho cut the video just after pulling the trigger, so while I'm definitely scarred for life, the scar won't be that big.  I think it'll be a while before I can play a first-person-shooter game again, though.  I mean, that's what was so gross about it.  Watching the video, you feel like you're inside the guy's head--only you can't stop him.  It was pretty horrible.

Turns out he had faxed a "manifesto" to ABC News explaining, among other things, that he had been motivated by the Charleston shootings, earlier this year, to buy a gun.  He actually says in the fax that if racists want a race war, they should bring it on.

What kind of animal faxes in 2015?

Sorry, I have to make jokes.  Really.  I have to.

Vester Flanagan, it's a shame you were too cowardly to face the music for this.  You'll be remembered as a spineless whiner who should have just gotten a blog, like the rest of us.  You thimk you're the only person treated unfairly?  What an absolute loser.

Alison Parker and Adam Ward, RIP. 

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