Billy and Barbie break down why #killers #kill. #Orlando #shootings

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Hey, sorry, I'm still bigoted against people who liked the STAR WARS prequel trilogy! Sue me! ;) But seriously...
...why are we not calling these shooters and their supporters cowards for being homophobic, racist, or zealots for their religion?  Can't we agree that taking most things to their extreme is bad or at least dangerous? Gays are viewed by religions as a threat to them or humanity or both.  There is zero evidence that gays are a threat to anyone at all.  Please stop being so cowardly as to think what someone does in their own homes or whom they love can somehow harm you.  You must not have a high opinion of yourself, your religion, or your humanity if you think two men kissing each other could cause any harm at all.

To me, these kinds of belief systems seem to be much more dangerous than gay people.  Or black people. Or whomever.  I have much more to say about religion, by the way, and I say it in a blog post.  Go read "The Problem with Religion is..."

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