From 7/19/2004: The leader of this country knows how corrupt he is.

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There are times throughout my life when I wondered just why America puts up with what it does. Like through...

...the entire second Bush reign, I kept thinking to myself, "isn't this the kind of thing that causes revolutions in countries?"

Think about it--when the Supreme Court decided who would move into the White House in January 2001,  instead of the Congress, which, I believe, is how the Constitution says it should be done, I thought, "this is a gross violation of the public trust!"

When we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, for no cause that international law (like the UN Charter) would find reasonable, I thought, "We're a rogue nation!  TWICE!  Who can stop us?"

When it finally congealed in my mind that the $300 tax rebate we all got back in '04 was essentially a bribe, I decided to draw this.  I guess I can't complain too much.  When he did it again in '08, I spent my tax rebate and got my first iPhone.

What a country.

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