#BillyBallpoint makes a discovery with his #JERKOMETER!

I'm not generally one to speak ill of the dead.  I like to be subtle about it. ;) After all, I could have been
much more rude about that guy.  He seemed to be a relic of a bygone age--an age where sexism and racism were not defined the same way we define them today.  It was as though the guy lived in a bubble that enclosed around him in 1952.  That bubble never allowed our living, breathing, changing culture to influence him.  He preached "originalism," a backward concept that declared that the Constitution should be viewed as a static, un-evolving document only to be interpreted as the people who wrote it would have interpreted it.  You want to trust slave owners who didn't think women or poor people should vote with your modern society?

Yeah, me neither.

RIP Scalia.  Now maybe America can have a bit more peace, too.  God damn dinosaur.

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